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Security fencing is constructed with the specific primary purpose of discouraging people from entering or leaving an area.

Any number of fencing materials can accomplish this, based on the security threat the fence is meant to thwart. Security experts warn that any security fence should be only one of a series of protective measures taken to protect the area of interest.

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One of the first considerations for a security fence is whether or not you want to see what's happening beyond the fence. Fencing choices such as concrete, stone, or brick offer very strong protection against breakthrough. Privacy fencing, while not as strong, can still discourage boundary crossing by creating a physical barrier. Both types will deny visual information to the potential intruder about what lies beyond. However, this type of security fence also denies visual information to people in the area being protected about any developing threats on the other side of the wall.

Other material for security fencing includes:

  • Chain link fence, which provides low to medium security. It provides a physical barrier, allows for views through the fence, but has limited breakthrough strength, can be easily cut with bolt cutters, and provides ready handholds and footholds for climbing.
  • Iron or aluminum fence, which provides medium to medium-high security. Depending on installation, breakthrough strength can be high, visibility through the fence is good, and rail spacing can be specified which makes climbing the fence more difficult. Additionally, these fences can have decorative tops which can be difficult for a climber to traverse. The material is not easily or quickly cut.
  • Mini-mesh is a security-conscious chain link fence, where the wires are thicker and the mesh is much tighter. Breakthrough strength is greater, the closer-spaced mesh does not offer easy handholds or footholds, and mesh spaces are small enough so bolt cutters will not work.

    Security Fence

  • Welded wire is a high security fence, using heavy gauge wire (often 8 gauge) that has been welded into a rectangular closely-spaced mesh (vertical openings between the wires are half inch or less). The fence has very good breakthrough resistance, is not easily climbable, and cutting through the fence is a lengthy process.
  • Expanded metal mesh is a high security fence made of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. A sheet of metal is slit and stretched, creating diamond openings in the fence fabric. It is very strong, rigid, has high breakthrough resistance, and is not easily climbed or cut.

These fences can also incorporate razor wire to improve their security performance against intrusion.

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