Split rail fences - Fencing with a rustic look

The split rail fence, or post and rail fence, is a traditional classic in American home fences. They are generally inexpensive, easy to build, and can augment a variety of home and garden styles.

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Traditional split rail fence is made of wood. The rails can be rough-hewn or split for a very rustic look, or can be milled in squared or tubular form for a more formal look. A splitrail fence is generally made of two-rails that makes a fence about three feet high. A three-rail fence produces a fence between four and five feet high.



Wooden split rail fences are usually installed with wooden posts, which are directly place in post holes in the ground. The posts are usually pre-drilled to accept the ends of the rails. When installing the posts, be sure that the soil around them is well compacted. You may need to periodically re-tamp the surrounding soil to keep the posts secure. You might also consider rot-resistant woods such as cedar or pressure-treated wood to increase the life of your fence.

Split Rail Fence

Other materials are being used for post and rail fences. A notable newcomer is the PVC fence. Recent advances in PVC formulation make these fences an attractive alternative. Even concrete is being used for pre-constructed post and rail fences, with simulated wood grain cast right into the fence components.

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