Fencing suppliers and manufacturers

When you are considering erecting a fence on your property, finding the right supplies can be overwhelming.

Does the manufacturer make quality products? Which supplier should I use? Can I get everything I need from a fencing supply store? Or should I use a fencing contractor?

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These are the middlemen between the manufacturers and the consumers. Distinguishing qualities of a good supplier are important to know prior to purchasing materials. This list encompasses some services you may want to look for in a fencing supplier:

  • Availability of a variety of products
  • Consultant services or knowledgeable sales staff
  • Do-it-yourself classes
  • Reasonable prices for quality products
  • Delivery guarantees

The best way to find out a fencing manufacturers reputation is to ask fencing professional contractors what product line they would recommend. The top U.K. manufacturers are considered to be Heras UK Fencing Systems and Jacksons Fine Fencing. Heras UK Fencing is headquartered in Ireland and one of the largest building material manufacturers in the world. Jacksons Fine Fencing, founded in 1947, is a family run local business that strongly believes in customer service. Larger manufacturers can provide the product at a lower price than a smaller manufacturer, but a small company can offer advice and customer service.

Fence Supplies

Simple wooden garden fencing or PVC vinyl fences can generally be installed by a homeowner with instruction and advice. Wrought iron, chain link, brick, and pool fencing is best installed by a licensed contractor. Hiring a contractor does not eliminate the need for the homeowner to become informed of products, building codes and installation methods. A knowledgeable consumer can ask the right questions of the contractor, the supplier or the manufacturer and make sound purchase decisions.


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