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Willow fencing is an attractive garden fence, providing security and privacy. Similar to bamboo fencing material; each will weather naturally and resist rotting. Create a unique garden or a secluded patio retreat with willow.

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English willow fencing is gathered and woven to create beautiful fence hurdles. Willow fencing is an excellent wind breaker and can divide your garden spaces with beauty.

Dense-weave willow fencing is made from willow reeds woven into uniform hurdles. Available in heights from one to six feet, each can serve a different purpose for your garden. One foot high willow fence can be used as a flower bed border; three foot high willow fence can be a garden space divider, and the six foot high fence can provide shade and wind break. This product is available in untreated or treated in linseed/turpentine oil for insect protection.

Hazel is both strong and durable; an excellent fence material that can be woven as well.

It's texture and colour blends in with the natural landscape. Willow , hazel or bamboo fence is an economical fencing option, costing less than other comparable fencing options. Fencing can custom designed for that perfect garden setting. Hurdles are fixed to posts that are driven into the ground. Posts should be cemented into the ground hole for added stability. Another option is to attach weaved bundles to an existing chain link fencing for a secure privacy screen!

Willow Fencing

Hints for installing a successful willow fence:

  • Plan ahead and measure to determine how much fencing, poles and ties will be required for the project.
  • Bundles actual length and height may vary from panel to panel. Plan on the panels being smaller than the indicated size.
  • Bundles can be trimmed to fit; invest in a good pair of pruning shears.
  • Hang fencing above the ground to avoid water rot.
  • Use galvanized nails or staples to prevent rusting.

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