Wire fencing options for your property

Wire fencing is categorized into two types: horizontal wires strung between posts or wire woven into a fabric that is attached to posts.

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What type of wire fencing is right for your property depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Barbed wire is the historical fencing of the Old West. Its use as a ranch fence to corral livestock into grazing boundaries and divide property has been used since the late 1800's. It is still popular because of easy installation, low cost, durability and effectiveness.


High tension suspension fencing is horizontal wire strung between posts. Five to seven wires are stretched to the post and vertical wires are placed in sections to separate the horizontal wires apart. If livestock touches the fence, the fence twists and flexes causing other sections of the fence to contact the animal unexpectedly.

With improved technology over the years, electricity has been added to the horizontal wire fence group. Horizontal wires are strung between posts and are electrified with a special charging unit to create an electric fence. A low current voltage is pulsed into the wire about once a second, startling the animal with a harmless snap.

Wire Fence

Woven or mesh fencing is another type of wire fencing. It is manufactured into a variety of heights, strengths and mesh size. It is attached to posts prevent predators from entering an area and keeping livestock in an area. Mesh size and strength should be selected based on the size of the animal but large enough that a foot or paw (or on occasion, head) will have difficulty being snared or stuck in the mesh.

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