How to Build Raised Bed Gardens - Raised Garden Beds

Raised bed gardens provide a satisfying solution for those short on time or yard space. With raised garden beds, framing sits on top of your yard or patio. Fill each frame with soil and you’re ready to plant.

Raised Bed Kits for Small Space Gardening

Because the squares on a raised garden bed are smaller, watering takes less time. Plus, unless the soil used is of poor quality, there should be few weeds to remove. Even so, focus your attention on one square per day and weeding is a breeze.

Benefits to Raised Garden Bed Frames

With a raised garden, the garden is above the ground level putting less stress on your back and knees. You don’t need to bend over as far to plant seeds, seedlings or pull weeds.

Raised garden beds drain water faster ensuring your plants do not drown during days of rain or heavy downpours.

The soil in a raised garden is exposed to more sunlight because it is above the ground. Air surrounding the frame helps to warm it. Warmer soil germinates seeds faster. As a result, crops reach maturity faster than in traditional gardens.

Raised Bed Garden

Building Your Raised Bed Garden Frame

It is easy to build a raised bed garden frame. In addition, you can use recycled lumber to build the frame. Old barn beams or rail ties provide inexpensive lumber for raised bed frames. Woods that resist rot, cedar and redwood, are optimal for garden use. Avoid pressure treated wood because most sources use arsenic that seeps into the soil. Unless you know for sure that the pressure treated wood is treated with ACQ, do not use pressure treated wood for your garden.

Anchor the corners of the raised bed garden frame using long nails. You can also anchor different box frames together to create larger gardens. Place the frame in an appropriate spot that is level.

Your raised bed garden frame should be small. You’ll want to be able to reach the plants from either side. Many people find garden frames that are 8-feet wide and no more than 8-inches deep allow for easy harvesting, planting and weeding. If you want more garden space, build a second frame.

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