EarthBox Garden - Gardening in Small Spaces

EarthBox gardening allows you to grow ample supplies of vegetables without fertilizers or frequent watering. The company guarantees you will have double the yields. Best of all, they offer a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Raised Bed Kits for Small Space Gardening

Dimensions of EarthBox Gardens

The EarthBox gardens are 29 x 13.5 inches. They take up little space on a patio or deck, yet provide you with great vegetable crops year after year. For larger patio gardens, purchase a few EarthBoxes and line them up.

Filling Your EarthBox

Using potting soil, EarthBox gardens do not require frequently fertilization; most potting soils already include them. You needn’t worry about weeds because commercial potting soils are weed free.

EarthBox suggests using a mixture of peat moss and hydrated lime. One EarthBox holds two quarts of peat and one cup of lime. That’s all you need. Once you’ve filled the container, spread two cups of a fertilizer along the edge of the soil. Do not mix it in. Cover the box with the included plastic cover, black side up, and you are ready to plant.

Suitable Plants for Your EarthBox

EarthBoxes are 11 inches deep. Root crops may be cramped for space, so it’s best to stick to bush type plants that provide vegetables above the ground level. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans and eggplants are great choices.

Each EarthBox holds a set amount of seedlings. For example, one EarthBox holds:

Broccoli – 6 seedlings
Cabbage – 6 seedlings
Corn – 16 seedlings
Cucumbers – 4 seedlings
Eggplants – 2 seedlings
Green beans – 16 seedlings
Lettuce – 6 seedlings
Peppers – 2 seedlings
Spinach – 10 seedlings
Squash – 4 seedlings
Strawberries – 6 seedlings
Tomatoes – 2 seedlings

For plants that need staking, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, EarthBox sells stakes that fit into the planter.

EarthBox Garden

Caring for Your Plants

All EarthBox gardens have a watering reservoir. Your plant’s roots cannot drown in an excessive amount of water. In addition, as long as you keep the reservoir filled, your plants will never wilt or dry up.

Where to Buy EarthBoxes

Many gardening supply stores sell EarthBoxes. Visit for a list of dealers or information on purchasing them online.

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