Frame It All Gardening Systems - Kit for Garden Beds

Frame It All garden systems cannot rot or warp. Crafted from plastic and wood fiber, the system’s timber slides together using durable stakes and connectors. The framing does not fade in intense sunlight and withstands cold temperatures. Best of all, Frame It All systems are lightweight. One board weighs no more than four pounds.

Raised Bed Kits for Small Space Gardening

Frame It All Meets Your Gardening Needs

While designed for raised garden beds, the Frame It All system is also used for:

Backyard ponds

How Frame It All Works

You choose the shape and size of your Frame It All system. Sizes include:

2’ x 4’ curved raised bed
4’ x 4’ x 6”
4’ x 4’ x 12”
4’ x 8’ x 6”
4’ x 8’ x 12”
4’ x 8’ x 12” curved raised bed
4’ x 8’ x 18”
4’ x 8’ x 24”
6.5’ circle
8’ x 8’ x 12”
8’ x 8’ split level
10.5’ circle
10.5’ English country garden
10.5’ flower petal sunburst
10.5’ four leaf clover
10.5’ sunburst
12’ x 12’ tri-level

The kit contains edging timbers, stakes and anchors. Everything you need to get started!

Once you’ve chosen the area where you wish to place your Frame It All system, measure the area and mark it. Hammer your first anchor into the ground and then place the round connector on the timber over the anchor. Repeat until the frame is completed.

For taller raised bed gardens, Frame It All includes stacking joints to prevent the timbers from sliding once soil is added.

Frame It All Garden Kit

Optional Accessories

Frame It offers a few accessories to make your garden stand out. Solar lighting is perfect for displaying flower gardens after the sun sets.

You’ll also find replacement anchors and additional timbers allowing you to customize your kit to get the perfect size for your backyard gardening needs.

With the Frame It All gardening system, you create optimal soil quality. The company recommends filling your Frame It All with potting soil and peat moss, so weeds will never be an issue. Have your garden ready for planting in under an hour and enjoy vegetables all summer long.

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