Garden Grids - A Grid Takes Gardening to New Heights

By using Garden Grids, your fruit bearing plants like pole beans, cucumbers and tomatoes stand tall. One of the biggest hurdles with gardening involves providing proper support for plants. If left alone, plants droop to the ground allowing the vegetables to rot or provide dinner for many insects.

Raised Bed Kits for Small Space Gardening

How many crops have you lost to broken plant branches or rotted vegetables? With Garden Grids, this is no longer an issue.

Garden Grids provide exceptional support to plants in any raised bed or traditional garden. Polyethylene coats the wire grid framing. The flexible grid frame bends over a garden, wraps around tomato plants forming tall cages or provides a screen climbing structure for cucumber or squash vines. Virtually any above ground vegetable benefits from having a solid climbing structure.

Benefits to Garden Grids

Unlike metal tomato cages that rust, a plastic coating protects Garden Grids’ framing. The coated metal wiring cannot hurt the fragile tomato branches or break when the rust weakens the metal framing. Moreover, you will not want your tomatoes or other vegetables touching rusty metal because it causes discoloration and may puncture the skin.

Garden Grids dark green plastic blends in. Because they are plant colored, they are barely noticeable within the garden. People focus on your plants, not the structures inside the garden space.

The frames bend easily creating a suitable climbing structure for any plant. Create an arch for attractive Morning Glories to climb. Attach the Garden Grids panels to wooden framing for a permanent windscreen that heavy vines like Wisteria will love.

Garden Grids

Garden Grids Panels sells Garden Grids panels in sets. The set includes four panels measuring 19.75 by 39.25 inches. The panels are inexpensive and adaptable. In addition, offers discounts if you purchase two or more sets at the same time.

At the same time, you can purchase Coil Connectors, durable connectors that help keep the Garden Grids in a perfect circle, great for tomato or pepper cages. For a cheaper alternative, many gardeners say cable ties are even better. Garden Grids also have optional anchors to help keep the panels steady in windy conditions.

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