A No Dig Garden Saves Time - Garden Basics

No Dig gardening eliminates tiresome steps in the gardening process. You do not need to remove turf from your garden area. You need not rent or purchase a cumbersome rototiller. Best of all, weed control methods are incorporated as you build your garden space, so your plants thrive and you don’t have to spend hours weeding.

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Two Main Types of No Dig Gardening

There are two forms of No Dig gardens: Lasagna gardens and raised bed gardens.

Both of these entail creating gardening space above the ground. With a lasagna garden, you create the space without edging. The practice involves layering peat, organic compost, wet newspapers, grass clippings and cardboard. Then the area is left for a season, usually over the winter, and planted the next spring.

Raised bed gardens require a wooden, composite board or stone border that creates a frame. Fill the frame with a mix of compost, soil and peat moss and you can start planting immediately.

With both of these gardening methods, you have complete control of the soil mix. You choose the size and placement for your garden. As long as the space receives plenty of afternoon sunlight, you can put it anywhere you choose in your yard. Best of all, raised bed gardens are generally ready for planting within an hour or two.

No Dig Garden

Caring for a No Dig Garden

A No Dig garden requires little maintenance. You may need to pull a stray seed every now and then, especially if you live in an area where birds frequent. They have a tendency to drop seeds as they fly. In addition, airborne seeds like milkweed or dandelions may end up in your garden area.

You should top up the soil at the start of the year adding an inch or two of organic compost or cow manure to add nutrients to the soil. If you do this, you should not need to add chemical fertilizers.

Keep the soil raked even, but you will never need to turn the soil over unless you really want to. That’s all it takes to ensure your No Dig garden thrives year after year.

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