Raised Garden Bed Kits - Building Raised Beds

In small yards, raised garden bed kits provide you with everything you need to create a flourishing garden space. Garden bed kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes making it easy to find the perfect garden for your lawn or patio area.

Raised Bed Kits for Small Space Gardening

Types of Garden Bed Kits

Many gardening stores offer wooden, stone and plastic raised garden bed kits. Fieldstone kits tend to be most expensive, but are also extremely attractive. Some wooden kits include flexible plastic piping that allows you to turn your garden bed kit into a temporary greenhouse. This allows you to plant early—a great option in cold climates

Some garden kits include a screened frame that fits over the garden to keep birds and bugs from damaging your plants. The screened frames for raised garden bed kits tend to be affordable and ensure you get your berries before the birds.

Choose raised garden bed kits that fit your space. Multi-level kits are great for crops like strawberries, bush beans or tomatoes and peppers. Narrow kits fit nicely along fence lines or in narrow yards. If you have more space, you can place bed kits side by side to increase your planting space.

Burpee Raised Bed Garden System

For decades, Burpee has been a leading name in vegetable and flower gardening. They sell DIY raised bed garden kits. The kits come with the wooden boards, joints and anchors. You simply follow the instructions to build it.

Forever Raised Bed

The Forever Raised Bed system uses boards created from recycled plastic and wood. The boards clip together using hidden metal brackets. They come in 3 x 3 or 3 x 6 foot dimensions. The wood looks like cedar, but does not warp or splinter because of the recycled plastic. These raised garden bed kits are available from garden supply stores.

Raised Bed Garden Kits

Grow Bed Raised Garden Kits

Most gardeners use the Grow Bed kit to start. The kit includes a square garden area crafted from recycled plastic. Extension kits allow you to increase the size of the garden bed. The black plastic attracts sun helping to warm the soil in your raised garden bed kit quickly. Stores like Gardeners.com sell everything you need to get started.

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