Do Upside Down Planters Work? Gardening with a Planter

Upside down planters seem to be all the rage, but many people wonder if they really work. Hanging from a hook or nail on your deck or patio, the plant’s roots grow within the bag of potting soil while the plant descends towards the ground. Gravity is meant to help ensure water reaches every part of the plant from root to tip.

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There are pros and cons with upside down planter bags. Surprisingly, many gardeners find that the planter bags are worthwhile, if you pay close attention to them on a daily basis.

Benefits to Upside Down Planters

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that most insects cannot reach the plants within the bag. Most insects find their way to plants along the ground and just are not going to attempt coming to your patio or deck. You do not need to spray your plants with pesticides. If you do find a rare insect, simply remove it and any eggs it may have laid, but most gardeners never see any infestations.

Because the plants grow in individual containers, few people experience problems with diseases like fungus growth or powdery mildew. In addition, the single plants hang downward and do not require staking or caging. Weeds are not a problem because you use potting soil that is placed into a self-contained upside down planter bag.

Maintenance of an Upside Down Planter

The biggest complaint gardeners have with upside down planters involves watering. The planter bag holds little water so you must water your plants daily, sometimes even twice a day in hot weather. Gravity helps some of the water drip from the planter, so you cannot just assume the plant is getting enough water. Some many drip out onto the ground below. If you can water twice daily, it is always advisable.

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Plants Suitable to Upside Down Planting

On television commercials, you see gardeners using their upside down planter for tomatoes. They are not the only suitable seedling, however. Peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers and pole beans all thrive in the planter bags.

Experiment with different plants. You will be surprised by the wide array of seedlings that do well in upside down planter bags.

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