Garden and Fence Gates

When it comes time to replace your current property fencing or install new fencing, there are many decisions to make - what kind of material, what type of gate, how many gates, and whether or not to hire a professional installer. There are too many decisions to make without being well informed.

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Wood gates and fencing are the classic property enclosures but there are many other viable options.

You can consider metal gates and fencing; steel, aluminum, wrought iron, chain link, and along with vinyl plastic fencing or woven willow fencing. There is not a best option; it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. But you do need to think about the purpose of the fence, your budget, the size of the perimeter and your lifestyle.

Fencing and gate options include:

  • Aluminum – panels are constructed in a factory, spray painted, and easily installed. Offers strength and durability superior to wood.
  • Chain link – linked thick metal wire supported by steel posts. Offers visibility and durability, but not decorative or unique.
  • Concrete – strong, durable and a barrier to sound. Not commonly used on private property.
  • Wrought Iron – hammered iron to increase strength of the metal. Possibilities are endless and offer the homeowner to chance to create a unique fence. Powder coated to protect the fence from rust.
  • Vinyl plastic – virtually carefree fencing option. Does not rot, rust, fade, or require painting. In fact, the material is graffiti resistant. Nearly all manufacturers offer a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • Willow or hazel – a natural branch or reed material that is woven to form fencing panels. Provides privacy and shade. Can be installed with posts or attached to chain link fencing.
  • Wood – consider different types of wood if the traditional pine does not suit your needs. Cedar and redwood offer durability, is insect resistant and very beautiful.

Cedar Garden Gates

Most homeowners select a gate to match their selection of fencing material, but do not be consumed with that decision. Select the type of gate required for the space you need to gate. A pedestrian gate can be of different material than a driveway gate, and any gate can be different than the fence. For example, you may decide to install a wood fence with a wood front gate, but decide that a wrought iron automatic gate is best for the driveway.



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