Driveway Gates - Automatic Security Gate

Want to increase the security of your front yard? Keep your child or dog safe in the front yard and unwanted traffic out of your driveway by installing a driveway gate.

Find, Compare, and Buy Automatic Gates

Driveway gates can be inexpensive or very expensive, depending on what you select. Driveway gates keep valuables inside your yard safe and keep unwanted visitors out. You can have a basic, plain gate or an ornamental, custom designed gate with your family crest, or something in between.

Consider the type of gate should match the type of yard fencing currently surrounding your yard. Make sure you select a gate that is specifically designed for driveway use and is sturdy enough for the volume of traffic in and out of your driveway.

Basic driveway gates to choose from include:

  • Electric or automated gates
  • Metal gates
  • Wooden gates
  • Vinyl gates
  • Wrought iron gates
  • Spray-coated iron gates

Driveway Gates

Think about how you are going to open the gate. Will you get out of your car and manually open and close the gate? Will your street traffic allow for a manual gate or do you require an electric gate opener? What type of door gate operating device will you need?

Selecting the right gate for your property is complicated. It is recommended that you hire a professional gate installer, who will know the questions to ask and the local building codes for driveway gates.



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