Automatic Electric Gates and Gate Openers

Need to increase your home security? An electric gate can provide your property with access control. With improved technology, the feasibility of an average homeowner to install an electric gate opener has increased. Research, compare and ask questions to your professional installer.

Find, Compare, and Buy Automatic Gates

What do you need to know about electric gates? Whether you call them electric gates or automatic gates, they are still a driveway gate that is opened with an automatic gate opener.

This is one job that you must consult and hire a professional. Leave the gate type, weight, and activation device decisions to the professional installer. He will ask you questions on your specific needs and budget, and will make decisions to best fit your situation. Understand the safety requirements for a gate opener and check your local building codes for any specific requirements.

Automatic Electric Gates

What are the advantages to having an electric gate installed in your driveway?

  • Security – Electric gates are a proven deterrent to the opportunity thief. They will move on to the next unprotected property.
  • Convenience – Gate can be easily opened without leaving your car and you will never have to remember to close the gate.
  • Protection – Motorists cannot turn around in your driveway. Your child or dog will be able to play safely in your yard.

Can you automate your existing gate? It would depend on the condition and strength of the gate, including the posts. Hinge geometry is one of the most important factors in automation equipment due to the strict performance requirements. Consult with your professional gate installer for advice.

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