Fence Gates - Wrought Iron or Cedar Garden Gate

When choosing a new fence for your yard or garden, you will also need to select the right gate. Whether your fence is metal, wooden or vinyl, the gate you decide to purchase must be functional and decorative.

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Every fence must have at one or more fence gates to allow passage from one side of the fence to another. There are so many fence gates to choose from! You can select a basic pre-fabricated gate or have one custom designed to make a statement for fit a specific purpose. There are installation options: install the gate yourself, hire a local handyman, or hire a home garden services fence/gates installer.

If you have selected a wooden fence, most likely you will want to add one or more wooden gates, matching the type of wood. Many fencing manufacturers offer a wide selection of gates, no matter what type of material your fence is made of.

Cedar Garden Gates

Other homeowners opt to have their gate custom designed to fit their needs. Fence gates come in a variety of widths to fit most pedestrian or vehicular traffic. They can be opened manually or with an automatic gate opener for security.

In addition, extra features can be selected to make your fence gate right for your yard. Gate hardware can make your gate unique by adding a special gate latch or decorative hinge. The addition of ornate wrought iron gates may work well with any type of fence, including stone or block. Traditionally custom designed, this type of metal gate provides security, visibility and elegance to your front yard. If you do not want a closable gate, a garden arbor makes a wonderful passageway from one area to another.

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