Gate hardware - Gate Hinges and Latches

Have you ever admired the hardware on a gate? Not many people can admit remembering a gate's hardware, but the truth is that the gate hardware can make any gate impressive to your guests.

Find, Compare, and Buy Gate Latches and Hardware

Gate hardware can be functional and decorative; have fun picking the hinge, latch or handle for your gate. Gate hardware or even a simple gate latch can enhance its overall appearance. Read ahead to find what you need to know:

The right hardware is dependent on the type of fence and gate. Aluminum, wrought iron or other metal gates traditionally have a latch, hinge and pull made from the same material. Most hardware stores offer a wide selection of plain or decorative models, including a variety of locking latches, bolt rods, magnetic pulls, and safety closers.

Chain link fence gates have a huge selection of compatible options. Aluminum and steel pieces are extremely common, but features are too numerous to list. Plain and decorative hardware (particularly pulls and latches) can offer a decorative yet functional flair to your gate.

Swing and roll gates have unique hardware requirements. Fencing specialists have on hand or can order all types of hardware. Use a professional when you need hardware for these types of driveway gates.

The owners of wood gates can have the most fun in selecting decorative hardware. Ornate and fun hardware can be found ranging from ordinary strap or t-hinges to historic replicas. Most are made from wrought iron, bronze, black iron, copper, brass or rust resistant steel.

Special hardware for pool gates, dog gates, child safety gates, and any other type of fence gates can be found through fencing dealers.

Gate Latch and Hinge

Common types of hardware:


  • T-hinge
  • Band hinge with plate
  • Strap hinge
  • Butterfly hinge


  • Cott latch
  • Door latch
  • Thumb latch
  • Bolt latch


  • Door pull
  • Door knob

Bolts and rods

  • Cane bolts
  • Slide bolts
  • Dead bolts
  • Anchor rods


  • Offset latch with box
  • Rim and Morise box
  • Straight latch with flat strike

Door bells

  • Bells
  • Buzzers
  • Door knockers


  • Prong hasp and catch

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