Wood Fence Gates - Wooden Gate for your Garden

Gardens are a special place that not only gardeners enjoy. A gate to a garden is an opportunity to create an opening to an intriguing spot

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You have already designed your garden spot and now you would like a gate or gateway entrance. Garden gates can be functional, playful or both. Whether you have one or more garden gates to your special place, let your imagination run wild!

Look for a gate that can withstand years of use and can withstand the elements of the seasons. You would want to pick a different type of garden gate if it was a highly visible gate to visitors than a back gate that provided access to the garbage cans. The main gate provides the visitor with expectations of the garden wonders, so chose wisely.

Do you want passerby's to view your garden from the sidewalk? Or protect your garden from view? Do you wish to add an arbor overstretching the gate to create a Victorian-style entrance? Or create a secure barrier?

Wooden gates are common garden closures and withstand frequent use. Painted with insect repellent, they can last for many years. Wood gates provide security and privacy to the garden, and it can be fun to pick special latches and hinges. If your garden is fenced with a wooden fence, then a wooden gate may be the best fit. A wood arbor or garden trellis can be added to your gateway to display the grape vine or climbing rose.


Wrought iron gates make majestic entranceways to a garden. They can be attached to a wall or all types of fencing. You can purchase ready made gates, or find an antique gate at an antique store. For something special, there are many artists who create incredible iron gates designed to your specifications. Copper gates have also increased in popularity. They age by turning the copper green color and withstand frequent use.

Steel and aluminum garden gates are available with a protective spray coating to resist rusting. If you like the natural rust color, you can even have the protective spray in rust color! You can imagine the durability of the kind of garden gate. No matter what type of gate you select, be creative and have fun with your new garden spot!

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