An Arbor or Trellis for your Garden

Everyone enjoys walking beneath a garden arbor; a beautiful showpiece displaying a flowering trellis or dark green ivy. An arbor is a welcoming archway into your yard and easy for the homeowner to build.

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An arbor can be built out of a variety of materials, but the most popular are wood and vinyl. Your arbor can be a simply designed archway into your garden or an alcove with a bench or swing. You can purchase a building plan or a kit or have one built by a local contractor.

The most popular types of wood for your garden arbor are oak, redwood, cedar, and Douglas fir. A redwood or cedar wood arbor is naturally rot and insect resistant but oak and fir arbors need to be painted or treated.

Garden Arbor

You can purchase a pre-fabricated vinyl arbor in a variety of styles that is easy to assemble and install. A vinyl arbor and trellis requires minimal maintenance and guaranteed against decay, sun damage and insect damage.

  • Archway - A simple wood arbor can be the gateway into your garden. The side trellis can support a vine, ivy or climbing roses.
  • Romance - Instead of an archway that is walked under, add a bench or a swing under the arbor. You have created an intimate space for two!
  • Dining - Select a larger arbor to hold a picnic table and benches for a secluded garden dining spot.

Detailed, professional blueprints are available that offer detailed instructions on constructing any of these projects, including a material list, recommendations and photos. The most challenging part of this project is digging and pouring the cement footings for the posts.

Who hasn't admired blooming arbor roses? Arbors are traditionally built to support flowering plants for display. Your arbor will not be incomplete if you decide not to nurture a climbing plant up the trellis. However, if you decide that a vine or flowering plant is important for your arbor, consult a local nursery for recommendations for your climate zone.

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