Garden Trellis - Wrought Iron and Cedar Trellises for Your Arbor

Every garden should display a trellis. What a beautiful addition to showpiece your favorite vine! There are also purely functional trellises to hold your flourishing vegetables. Look at the possibilities! has a great selection of wood and vinyl arbors for your garden.

Find, Compare, and Buy a Trellis

The garden trellis you pickfor your garden must be designed for the plant you wish to support. Vines will be supported well with a simple basic garden trellis design as well as a decorative one.

For ivy, vines and climbing roses:

For lightweight support, consider a simple fan or ladder to serve as your ivy trellis. This will work as well for a rose trellis. Found in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, a lightweight trellis will train, hold and support your plant as it grows and matures. Many pre-fabricated garden trellises include training clips that secures your plant as it grows and climbs the trellis. As the plant grows, move clips to support the new growth. Consider displaying your plant on a trellis on the sides of an arbor. The combination of an arbor and trellis is an elegant addition to a garden.

For grapes, tomatoes and heavy crops:A productive crop of grapes or tomatoes require a heavyweight trellis. A grape trellis, or any trellis that needs to support a vine vegetable, has to be as big as you wish your vine to grow. Posts, wire, braces and must be made of strong steel or PVC vinyl. Wood is not recommended; its tendency to rot and mildew will have you replacing it only after a few seasons. Grapes and tomatoes are heavy and require a strong support system. An inadequate trellis will bring your crop to the ground.

There is an assortment of shapes and sizes of garden trellises. Check with your local garden center for ideas and product availability.

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