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Easy Set Pools require little set up. If you want an above ground pool, but do not have a lot of money, choose an Easy Set Pool. While most above ground swimming pools take days to set up, fill and adjust chemical balances, an Easy Set swimming pool can be used the same day you buy it.

Above ground Easy Set Pools come in a variety of sizes. If you have small children, a 30-inch depth will keep them happy. Otherwise, the 52-inch depth model provides the comforts any swimming pool provides.

Setting Up an Above Ground, Easy Set Swimming Pool

The hardest step in setting up Easy Set Swimming Pools is finding a level spot in your yard. Slopes cause uneven water levels that can lead to swimming pool wall collapse. If your yard is uneven, use a shovel to create a level area.

Once you have a level spot, some people like to lay down a tarp to prevent grass growth around the edges of the pool. Do not use string trimmers to remove grass; you may cause damage. Otherwise, simply lay the pool out stretching it flat. Use an electrical air pump to inflate the top ring.

Setting Up the Filter

Easy Set Pools have two drain holes. One is for water intake and the other is for outtake. Use the attached hose clamps to attach the length of hose to each drain and then connect them to the pump. Everything is included with the pool. Place the filter into the pool pump and screw the top back on tightly.

Filling the Above Ground Swimming Pool

After you’ve fully inflated the ring, start filling your Easy Set Pool. As the water level increases, crawl around on your hands and knees and work out any wrinkles on the bottom liner. Kids love this job! Once you have the bottom straight and free of creases, let the pool fill completely.

As the water level rises, the ring floats holding the sides of the pool firm. Plug in the filter to a GFI outlet and the Easy Set Pool is ready for use.

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