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An Intex pool heater quickly warms pool water making it easier to get into a pool. Providing a pool’s water temperature is below a human’s blood temperature, the pool still feels cool and refreshing, but you avoid the shocking experience of adjusting to cold water.

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Studies show that most people prefer their above ground pool water to be in the 80 to 90 degree range. The American Red Cross states water for children and seniors should be at least 80, while competitive swimmers require 78-degree water.

Water in the 60s and 70s requires a lot of acclimation. People cling to the ladder while their body adjusts blocking others from getting into the swimming pool. In addition, if you remain in colder water for too long, you risk hypothermia.

Benefits to an Intex Pool Heater

Intex pool heaters prevent hypothermia. Solar pool covers effectively warm pool water without electricity. In addition, they extend the swimming season so that you get a lot of use from your swimming pool. You will want to use it frequently after paying money for the above ground pool system.

Using an Intex pool heater helps raise your pool’s temperature quickly. Enjoy temperate water and spend more time in your pool.

Heaters in the U.S.

Currently, there is no Intex water heater system available for sale in the U.S. or Canada. Those in the United Kingdom can purchase the 3kW Intex Water Heater online at

The solar pool cover is the best Intex pool heater system to use with Easy Set and Metal Frame pools. The vinyl sides may suffer damage if another company’s electric heating system is used incorrectly. Using an electric heater with a Metal Frame pool system increases the chance of electrical shock. Stick to the Intex 3kW Heater system or solar pool covers for your above ground pool.

Intex warns against North American customers using the 3kW system. The system is not set up for U.S. electrical systems.

Intex Pool Heater

Safety Features to Consider

Some companies make electric swimming pool heaters that they say are compatible with all Intex pools. Be careful using these systems. They void your warranty and pose a safety risk. Only Intex pool heaters should be used.

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