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Intex Metal Frame Pools provide a great way to own an above ground swimming pool without worrying about winterizing techniques. The pools sell quickly in the spring and early summer. Best of all, they set up within a day and are ready for swimming as soon as water is added.

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An Intex Metal Frame Pool sets up within an hour without any additional tools. Simply snap the frame together and secure them with pins.

Perfect Range of Swimming Pool Sizes

Intex Metal Frame Pools range in size from 10 to 24 feet in diameter and depths of 2 ½ to just over 4 feet. The round metal frame swimming pools provide a durable frame that is powder coated to prevent rust. Sizes include:

10 by 2.5 feet
12 by 2.5 feet
15 by 3 feet
15 by 3.5 feet
15 by 4 feet
18 by 4 feet
24 by 4 feet & 4 inches

Preparing your Pool Area

It’s recommended to place a tarp over the grass where your Intex metal frame pool is going to be located. This keeps thick weeds like crab grass from damaging the liner. Never use sand to level the area. In rain, sand may shift causing the pool to lean and potentially collapse while in use.

Remove all sharp objects including rocks and branches from the area. Do not place the pool close to trees because the roots might grow into the liner causing rips or tears.

Intex Metal Frame Pool

Winterizing your Above Ground Pool

In areas where the temperature rarely dips below 32 degrees, you can leave your pool up year round. Cover the pool and be ready come spring to refresh the chemical levels as needed. In areas where water freezes, you should drain and disassemble the pool. Allow all pieces and the liner to dry before storing into a mouse-proof bin. Given the chance, mice will chew through the Intex Metal Frame pool liner, so it’s best to store your Intex Metal Frame pool in a lidded plastic box.

Sprinkle baby powder on the pool liner to soak up any additional water and to prevent the liner from sticking to itself. Allowing the water to freeze can damage the swimming pool liner and metal framing.

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