The Latest Trends in Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sink trends: Showrooms display long, thin sinks, designed to look like troughs or streambeds; professional apron-front sinks; sinks that join countertops with no visible transition; and sinks in bold colors.

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The backsplash - the wall space between the back of the counter and the bottom of the cabinet - In the past was often painted or wallpapered to match the rest of the kitchen walls. Today’s backsplashes might be an extension of the countertop or decorated with tile that matches the flooring.

Bathroom Sink trends: Vanities are the perfect storage solution in the bathroom and, as a result, the shape of vanities has remained geometric. To soften the square shape of the vanity, offset it with a round basin and an interesting finish or colour. Prints and patterns are creeping into bathrooms – why not make your vanity a feature? Wall-hung vanities are popular as they maximise the use of space in the bathroom.

Bathroom Sink

Basin shapes are noticeably softer: think egg-inspired curves cut out of a square sink. Designs are moving away from the complete geometric square shapes previously in vogue. Instead, basins are becoming more internally rounded. Look out for basins with floral patterns and textures. The freestanding wash basin is also popular.

Kitchen & Bath Hardware Trends

  • Materials that include brushed nickel, stainless steel, and polished chrome
  • Hand rubbed finishes such as bronze tones, pewter, and antique brass
  • Concealed cabinet hinges vs. traditional face mount cabinet hinges
  • Oversized, coordinated appliance pulls




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