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Get the warm patina from a copper sink to highlight your kitchen. Standard and custom hammered copper sinks in single bowl, double bowl, farmhouse apron style, vessel models and more from online home improvement and plumbing specialists.

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Copper Sinks For Low Maintenance And Warm Beauty

Take your home improvement design one step further by exploring copper sink products. You'll get low-to-no maintenance worries plus the deep warm color tones and unique patina associated with copper sink products for your kitchen, bathroom, bar or any other interior location. Read on for tips about sizes, finish options, shapes, and installation options for both contemporary and traditional copper sink designs.

    Copper Sink

  • Kitchen Copper Sink Choices. Off the shelf along with hammered custom copper sink designs are widely available from a number of quality manufacturers via their online sales and service sites. To begin with, determine whether your kitchen copper sink is a simple swap out or part of a larger home improvement plan. Measure for dimensions, and then develop some thoughts on your preferred counter top materials. You're now ready to determine whether you'll need a kitchen copper sink in the standard size range of 25 to 30 inch width by 19 to 22 inches front to back and 6 to 10 inches depth. Additionally, you can get single bowl or double bowl farmhouse apron copper sinks which offer a better closer work position for cleaning, plus an exposed front copper face which can accept etched or raised relief graphic designs.
  • Shapes And Sizes. In the product range including kitchen and bathroom copper sinks, you can select from square, rectangular, elliptical, octagonal or other custom shapes depending upon your wants and needs. Consider a vessel copper sink for your bathroom, and you'll achieve an unique look that celebrates the rich color and texture of copper atop a pedestal or console table. Corner, wall mount and copper bar sinks are down-sized from the larger kitchen models in order to fit tighter spaces and deal with other less demanding food prep and clean up tasks.
Construction And Installation. Your better manufactured copper sinks will be welded inside and out, and then ground or burnished smooth. Lower quality copper sinks are manufactured and assembled with reliance upon soldering joints or seams, the same solder areas turning darker to black over time, which is a distinct aesthetic liability over the long haul. Understand that copper sinks require no more surface maintenance than a comparable stainless steel sink. Unless you want a "mirror" reflective finish, you should stay relaxed about your copper sink, letting the naturally forming patina accept the normal wear and tear of use. Like the broader sink category, copper sinks can be installed as drop-in or self rimming units along with undermount copper sink products which require bracketing within your cabinet.


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