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Let a double sink design create a work smart cleaning environment. Wide selections of self rimming or stainless steel undermount double sinks available online from plumbing design and product specialists offering you colors, finishes and great Internet pricing.

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Getting Your Double Sink Clean Up Solution

Double sink designs speak to everyone's need for wash-and-rinse when dealing with food preparation and dishes and glassware. With the advent of new manufacturing technologies double sink design options have expanded to include a wide range of colors and materials including acrylic, brass, copper, Corian, stainless steel, cast iron, granite, soapstone and vitreous china.

Double Sink

In effect, you can get exactly what you want in a double sink in terms of color, shape, sizing of left versus right sink bowl, and preferred material. Read further for a listing summary of the design strategies home owners and kitchen designer use when planning bathroom and kitchen sink and cabinet layouts.

  • Bathroom Double Sink. In order to install even the smallest double bathroom sink, you'll need countertop lengths of over 40 inches, in order to achieve a ‘balanced' look. A design strategy used by many home owners is to ‘break-up' the bathroom double sink into two single sinks spaced apart and carrying their own separate plumbing. Start your process by doing careful measurements of your current or projected counter top length, front to back width and then make allowance for depths of between 5 inches to 7 inches. An additional design choice in the bathroom is to install a pedestal double sink unit, particularly when you have limited space and only require essential lavatory and wash basin function.
  • Console Double Sink Table Approach. You can achieve a spacious as well as elegant look by installing an undermount console double sink. Console tables offer a four legged elevated look, where leg designs can be turned into any number of shapes. Popular console double sink designs include a solid granite or manufactured stone or Corian counter top, either undermount or top-down self rimming vitreous china porcelain sinks in a contrasting light color tone.
  • Kitchen Double Sink Work Station. Wash, rinse, prepare food or any cleaning task requiring some separation in cleaning steps is well handled by the wide range of kitchen double sink designs. Kitchen double sinks can be balanced symmetrical sized bowls or asymmetrical with either the right or left basin being the dominant size. Dimensions range from 18 inch by 18 inch to over 36 inch by 22 inches by up to 10 inches in depth. A cool design option to consider is that your kitchen double sink can be ordered with varying depths such as 6 inches on the left side and 8 inches on the right side, or matched depths. Although custom sink materials and sizes can be fabricated in copper, brass, and unique imported stones, stainless steel double sinks will give you the greatest utility value, hard wear, and economic costs especially from the many specialized online plumbing experts.


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