Stainless Steel Sink Designs For Kitchen Bathroom Laundry & Bar

Stainless steel sink products for the home and workplace, offering long wear life, impact resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain. Consumer options include stainless steel undermount or self-rimming kitchen sink models. Major brands include Elkay, Kohler, Kindred, Franke and more.

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Why Everyone's Selecting Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Models

Creating Designer Looks With Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink. You want to marry ‘form' with ‘function', without sacrificing designer looks. Answer? Stainless steel kitchen sinks are produced in a wide range of single bowl or double bowl designs. Matching counter tops? Easy, since the neutral brushed metal tone of your stainless steel kitchen sink blends into darker manufactured stone countertop finishes like proprietary Corian ... or you can create contrasting color schemes in granite, or cost-effective Formica.

Stainless Steel Sink

Undermount Versus Self-Rimming. Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink preserve your counter top look, without any interruptions or areas where grime can build up, such as with self-rimming sinks. However, the undermount stainless steel sink requires proper bracket and mounting, so that it doesn't shift or ‘drop out'.

Masking Scratches And Spots. Modern textured finishes offered in stainless steel kitchen sinks means that every day wear-and-tear scratches and spots barely show. You maintain the modern metallic sheen for years.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks. Dirt, grease, grime, food...whatever build up since your stainless steel kitchen sink is at the hub of your kitchen or utility room. Special low abrasive dry-and-wet cleaners are widely available in your local supermarket, drug store or hardware outlet or online.

Shapes & Sizes. Your stainless steel kitchen sink can be a single bowl or double bowl design, with dimensions ranging from 24 inches to over 33 inches wide by 18 inches to 22 inches front to back and depths up to 10 inches for each bowl.

Durability And What To Look For. Leading brand stainless steel kitchen sink manufacturers offer you various gauge options ... select 16 or 18 gauge in order to get the right strength without overkill. Next, you can identify a quality difference when your stainless steel kitchen sink construction offers details such as 18% chromium plus 8%-9% nickel.

Stainless Steel Utility Sink Designs. Over sized single bowl stainless steel utility sinks give you the perfect set-up for the toughest of cleaning jobs, from household to gardening tools, onto painting gear. You're in a heavy work environment so pick 14 to 16 gauge stainless steel, with a single rear positioned drain for maximum function and ease.

Who Are The Leading Stainless Steel Sink Brands? Check out Blanco ... Kohler ... Franke ... Elkay ... Kindred ... American Standard ... Moen ... and more.


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