Spa Heaters - The spa heater is the heart of every home spa

There is a spa heater at the heart of every home spa. This hard working piece of equipment is hidden from sight, but the soothing heat it generates is indisputably the most important part of your spa experience. Unfortunately spa heaters are also the most vulnerable component of any spa.

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When shopping for your spa heater, be sure to look closely at the warranty. There is a direct correlation between the comprehensiveness of the warranty and the integrity of the component and it's manufacturer.

The more comprehensive the warranty, the better. Also, be sure to compare warranties of several different models and brands. A quality spa heater will carry a 5-year unconditional warranty.


Spa Heater

Although the two most common types of spa heaters are gas and electric, there are four basic types:

  • Fossil fuel (natural gas, propane, oil)
  • Electric (Emersion element heaters)
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar heating

Of all the types of spa and hot tob heaters, a fossil fuel heater is superior to even an electric heater for the quickest recovery (the time it takes for the water in a spa to heat up).

Most spa heaters are designed to maintain a constant temperature. Some models offer an "economy" setting, which allows you to pre-set the system to go on at those times you are most likely to use your spa. For instance, it just makes sense that you wouldn't want to heat your spa during the hours you are typically at work.

You may wonder how the temperature is controlled. Quality spas have relatively sophisticated digital thermostatic controls that talk to your spa heater. These highly reliable systems are capable of keeping your spa water within 1 degree of any temperature you select. But keep in mind that spa temperatures should never exceed 104 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is not only important for comfort, but also for safety. If you have children who will be using the spa, it is important to pay particular attention to the control system. Read and compare manufacturer's warranties, it is a good indicator of the control system's quality. Better hot tub heater systems have safety locks and digital readouts.

The moral of the story is do your homework when you are looking for a spa heater. Shop around, ask questions and compare warranties. That is all you need to do to make a smart decision when it comes to buying a spa heater.

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