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You don't need to travel great distances and pay exorbitant fees to enjoy the beauty and health benefits of a spa.

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With your own home spa you can enjoy a spa treatment, or throw a spa party, whenever you like. Imagine stepping into your home spa to sooth tired muscles and frazzled nerves, set a romantic mood with a little jazz and a special someone, or entertain friends and family. Home spas are convenient, affordable and easy to care for, which explains their overwhelming popularity.

Pamper yourself with a hydrotherapy, or "water healing," home spa treatment. Around since the Greek and Roman times, water healing is one of the oldest and safest methods for treating many common ailments including sore muscles and everyday stress. When selecting a home spa, you will want to consider whether you want jet action that gives you gentle soft-tissue massage or powerful deep-muscle rubdowns.

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Share the pleasure of your home spa with friends and family with a spa party. Once you experience the pleasure of your home spa, you won't want to keep it to yourself. Invite a group of friends to come over and watch a favorite movie while relaxing in your home spa. If you are in the mood for a quiet evening, invite that special someone to enjoy a bottle of wine and some soft music while enjoying a massage in your home spa.

With all the styles and features to choose from, selecting the home spa to fit your lifestyle and budget is simple. For instance, home spas designed specifically with seniors in mind are smaller and easy to enter, with lower sides. Family sized models have plenty of seating and are equipped with amenities like stereos and televisions. Deeper home spas, with cooler water temperatures, are ideal for exercise regimes that are easy on the joints, while the warm water loosens tight muscles. Some manufacturers offer built in or optional exercise equipment for a more challenging workout.

Your options are truly endless, with the colors, sizes, shapes, lighting and features available. Seating configuration, for example, is an important consideration for people in the market for a home spa. Lounge-style seating supports you while fully reclined, while benches and chair seating allow you to accommodate more guests. Newer models even offer cool down seats that allow you to adjust to the air temperature before entering or exiting the spa. Everything from padded headrests that come in a variety of colors and sizes, to safety features like grab bars and handrails, are available. A favorite among "techies" is a floating remote control that allows bathers to program jets, lighting, temperature and all other functions form their favorite seat.

Why wait for an appointment to visit an expensive spa when you can enjoy all the benefits, any time, with your own home spa. Once you experience the enjoyment of a home spa, you'll wonder why you didn't buy one sooner.

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