Cal Spas will change the way you feel!

Cal Spas ®, headquartered in Pomona, CA, was founded in 1979 as a provider of quality, leading-edge spas. Today, Cal Spas ® has become the world's number-one manufacturer of home resort products, including spas, gazebos, saunas, barbecues, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, billiard tables, and bars.

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Cal Spas continues to pioneer the home resort market and redefine "luxury outdoor living" with their custom-made to order products.

"To enable busy families to create daily enjoyment, quality time, and overall well-being with a ready-and-waiting oasis...right in their own homes" is Cal Spas simple vision. Their success in this pursuit has earned them numerous awards and national media recognition.

Cal Spa

In fact, Cal Spas products and Cal Spa parts star in many popular home improvement shows from extreme luxury makeovers to practical room transformations. Their vision, passion, and quality standards are at the center of their company, showing in products that are unmatched in the industry, inspiring to the imagination, and change the way you feel.

Designed to require the least amount of maintenance, Cal spas are designed with cutting-edge features for your supreme comfort and long-lasting enjoyment.


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