Spa Accessory - Spa accessories enhance your spa experience and add a little fun!

If you are looking for the perfect spa accessory or a gift for that bath spa owner, you have lots to choose from!

From practical to whimsical, spa accessories enhance the spa experience. Here are some of the most popular spa accessories to get your imagination going:

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Battery Operated Hot Tub and Spa Vacuum - No electrical cords, no pumping, no garden hoses! Perfect not only for spas and hot tubs, but can also be used in fountains, ponds, aquariums, and shallow swimming pools.

Terracotta Clock and Thermometer - The outdoor temperature is always important to the owner of an outdoor home spa. And the clock, it helps the "very relaxed" to keep track of the time.

Floating AM/FM Radio - Battery powered, s hock resistant and, of course, water proof. Now you can have your news or music and not worry about that electric cord by your spa.

Spa Accessories

Spa Pillows -Ensure true spa relaxation. Are designed with a weighted strap to hold them in place.

Towel Tree - It's the perfect thing for keeping towels clean and dry.

Double Step -A must for taller or free standing spas.

Anytime Table -A small folding table with a built in towel bar is perfect for holding drinks, books and other spa amenities. Easily folds down out of the way when not in use.

Safe-T-Handrail - Getting into or out of a wet slippery spa can sometimes be tricky. A handrail makes it easy and safe

Ducks Ducks DUCKS! -An entire flock of ducks! From your basic yellow duck, to scuba diver ducks, hippie ducks and more, even movie star ducks.

Liquid Fragrances - Enjoy the long-lasting fragrances and aromatherapy benefits of Liquid Elixirs.

The Spa-Swing -For the person that has (almost) everything, or wishes they had a lounge seat in their spa, this removable hammock like swing installs in less than an hour and allows for total relaxation in your spa.

Have fun selecting and using your spa accessories. And remember, you never have too many!

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