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Water pressure washers combine the latest pump, engine and electrical motor technologies to create high performance controlled power washing.

Home Pressure Washers. For outdoor power washing of decks ... stairs ... fences ... house siding ... driveway, carport ... cars, SUV, trucks and motor cycles ... removing oils, grease, dirt and grime, mold and mildew and more. The class of home pressure washers include portable hand-held models, electric pressure washers, and the more powerful gasoline pressure washers based on performance 2 cycle and 4 cycles engines from firms including Briggs & Stratton, Honda and others.

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Commercial Pressure Washers. Big cleaning power ... pump flow rates in excess of 2 gallons per minute ... 2000psi to over 6000psi pressure washers ... these are the heavy hitting industrial pressure washers used on construction sites, factories, in agriculture, aboard ships. These heavy duty pressure washers are built for rugged long life every-day usage, and utilize the very best components. Look also into trailer mounted pressure washers, along with stationary pressure washers capable of powering two (2) workers simultaneously.

Pressure Washer

Cold Water Pressure Washers Vs. Heated Pressure Washers. Most residential power washing is handled by cold water power washers. However, where imbedded industrial or chemical solvents need to be removed, adding hot water plus specially formulated pressure washer detergent and high pressure work-water makes quick work out of tough jobs.

Selecting The Right Pressure Washer For Your Job. On the left column of this page, you’ll see all the stuff you’ll need to know about power washers ... from maintenance, and spare parts to advice on power or psi levels to best match your job ranging from 1000 psi for light cleaning, up to 2000 psi pressure washers for car, home on up the power ratings to 4000 psi to 7000 psi commercial power washers ... and of course the top selling performance engineered pressure washer brands to explore.

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