Black and Decker Pressure Washer ... Electric Power Washer Performance

Black & Decker pressure washer extends the Black & Decker power tool engineering into power washers, house and car cleaning electric pressure washers for B&D performance and convenience.

Advantages Of The Black and Decker Pressure Washer. Black & Decker power tool family marries engineering and design Excellence with high volume manufacturing to create performance, durability and competitive prices. Here’s the popular line-up of Black & Decker pressure washer models to check out:-

  • Compact 1300 PSI Pressure Washer By Black & Decker. Cleaning your house siding ... fencing ... decking ... driveway or sidewalks ... your car or truck? Solution: Model PW1300 Black and Decker Pressure Washer. 1-switch quick start, this Model PW1300 works off a high-performance 13 amp electric motor ... 1.6 gallons per minute at 1300 psi means serious work action for home cleaning jobs. Model PW1300 Black and Decker Pressure Washer comes with a standard pressure washer wand and power washer nozzle for adjustable spray attached to 20-feet of safety hose.

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  • Popular Mid-Level 1600 PSI Pressure Washer By Black & Decker. The Black & Decker Model PW1600 is what you want if your power washing needs move to larger surfaces, and tougher cleaning jobs. An electric pressure washer based on a 13 amp electric motor, the Black & Decker Model PW1600 out-puts at a robust 1600 psi, 1.6 gallons per minute out-flow. Multiple spray quick-connect nozzles combine with standard issue 25-foot length of safety pressure hose, along with over-size tires for mobility and ease-of-reach.

  • Black & Decker Pressure Washer

    Powerful 1700 PSI Pressure Washer By Black And Decker. The Black & Decker Model PW1750 caps the B&D electric pressure washer line-up ... offering surface scrubbing 1700 psi water pressure ... brass quick connections for the set of pressure washer nozzles unique to each job area ... 25 feet of pressure washer hose designed at the highest safety standard ... solid frame construction for long life dependability ... rubber wheels for rolling ease.





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