A Karcher, Alto or Bosch Petrol Pressure Washer

Have a blast using your new pressure washer ... few tools are so much fun to use and as effective at cleaning as a high-pressure power washer!

Industry leaders in the manufacture of pressure washers include Kärcher, Alto, Bosch and Kew. Under these brands expect to find a wide range of electric and petrol-powered pressure washers, hot- and cold-water power washers in a variety classifications from residential to commercial to industrial/contractor-grade.

Before you can explore which brand and model pressure washer to buy, you have some decisions to make. Choosing the right pressure washer for the job, as well as one that will fit within your budget and level of expertise, will take some consideration.

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There are basically two decisions you need to make involving four types of pressure washers:

(1) What kind of power do you wish to use? Electric or Petrol?

Electric washers are lightweight, quiet, usually less expensive than petrol models, and easy to operate and maintain. On the negative side, they are less portable, since they must be used near an electrical outlet (though a 35-foot power cord gives a lot of range), and because they are powered by standard household voltage, usually they don't attain the higher pressure available on gas models.

(2) Do you want a hot water or cold-water model?

Karcher Pressure Washer

Cold-water models are less costly than hot-water counterparts (no heater to pay for!), and weigh substantially less. Cold water is effective for cleaning dirt and mildew, but ineffective when it comes to getting of grease and oil. A hot water washer effective for every type of soil removal, making it the more versatile cleaning tool, but it is heavier, more expensive than the cold-water version, and more complex to repair.

Once you've narrowed your selection to the class and power and water temperature you want, search manufacturers' websites, online review forums and avail yourself of retail store websites that will offer an internet comparison before visiting the store in person.

Whatever you determine your pressure washer needs to be, be assured you'll find a high-quality, durable machine that fits perfectly!


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