Car Pressure Washer ... Mobile Performance Cold Water Pressure Washers

Car pressure washer models include electric pressure washers and gasoline power washers, out-putting up to 1750 psi, in cold water or heated pressure washer designs.

Maintaining Your Car's Looks. "Hands-on" cleaning takes time that you could save with a mobile job-designed car pressure washer. Here's the best part of leading car pressure washer designs:-

  • Lightweight Portable Use. A car pressure washer doesn't require "brick cleaning" power, nor will it be used very often. Even if you had the time, and the need, you might use a car pressure washer for surface cleaning 1 / week ... or less that 100 hours per year. Light use power washers are easy to roll into position due to low chassis weights.

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  • Recommendation - Electric Pressure Washer. Fully grounded safe electric pressure washers offer instant-on starts ... light weight ... plus generally produce water pressures in a range to 1750 psi ... and a gallon-flow just right to clean, but not damage your car or truck body.
  • Car Pressure Washer Accessories. Double the cleaning power of your car pressure washer by ordering a rotating brush accessory. Now you've got the power of high pressure water ... plus cleaning detergents ... plus a rotating brush head. You'll save time, plus get an even cleaner car! Next, make sure your pressure washer soap is chemically designed for auto surfaces ... you don't want to damage your paint job.
  • Cold Water Pressure Cleaner Vs. Heated Pressure Washer. Hot water pressure washers are more costly, weigh more, and have more potentials for break down, thermal overloads and so on. Recommendation? The best and most practical car pressure washers are cold water units ... which you can buy for under $400.

Car Pressure Washer

  • Clean It Every 2 To 3 Weeks. Road grime, oils, dirt, sea salt, bird poo, pollen, tree sap, snow and road salt in winters ... the list is endless. Two-hand grip your car pressure washer ... stand 3-4 feet away ... angle the pressure washer nozzle at around 30 degrees ... start from low work to high. An angle extension accessory will allow you to reach your underside chassis, to break-up road muck.



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