Cold Water Pressure Washer ... Car, Home, Commercial Performance

Cold water pressure washers handle the toughest home, car or job place cleaning, combining high pressure water with pressure washer detergent and even rotary brushes.

What To Look For In Cold Water Pressure Washers. Matching your cold water pressure washer to your job type is key. Next, determine whether you'll be a 1-time per week power washer or whether you have high-volume day-in-day-out power washing needs. Read below for a summary guide to identifying the best cold water pressure washer for you:-

  • Water Power And Flow Rates. A 1000 psi cold water pressure washer, with a flow-rate of around 1.6 gallons per minute is perfect for light-cleaning ... such as cars, SUV, RV, decks, sidewalks, concrete driveway. Step-up to stronger cold water pressure washers, rated at 2000 psi, and with a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute and more if you'll be cleaning tough imbedded mold or mildew from your house siding or fences ... being careful not to bring the pressure washer nozzle any closer than 4-feet or you may cause surface damage. Heavy-muscle industrial pressure washer designs can output at over 5000 psi with flow-rates over 10 gallons per minute, sufficient to power 2 workers simultaneously.

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  • Choosing The Right Equipment Set-Up. Once your power and use needs are determined, you want to review the set-up that gives the most performance for the least up-front cost. Here's where you look into pressure washer parts and accessories ... pressure washer extension wands ... rotary turbo brushes ... longer pressure washer hose lengths ... plus selecting the right chemicals or pressure washer soap for the job, such as degreasers, general cleaners, special formulations for mildew.

    Cold Water Pressure Washer

    Cold's Advantage Over Heated Pressure Washer Models. For homeowners, cold water power washers win the argument with hot water pressure washer designs. Reasons? Radically lower cost ... less bulk and weight ... greater portability ... lower maintenance and pressure washer replacement costs.


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