Select a Pressure Washer from Coleman Powermate

Finding a broad variety of pressure washers from which to choose is easy - just visit those chain home improvement centers and you'll see at least a couple of dozen different models available to take home right away.

Choosing the right pressure washer takes a little more work, but Coleman Powermate's website featuring an interactive "Water Wizard" goes a long way to making your decision easier.

Just answer two sets of questions posted by the website Water Wizard, and you'll be given a selection of Coleman Powermate pressure washers suited to your specific needs.

First, check the box that best describes the project you have in mind for the pressure washer - choices are:

  • Cleaning Vehicles?
  • Cleaning Concrete?
  • Cleaning Siding?
  • Prepping Wood
  • Stripping Paint

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Second, indicate the size of the cleaning area:

  • Small?
  • Medium?
  • Large?
  • Extra Large?

Depending your answers, up will pop the featured Coleman Powermate pressure washer, and two or three suggested options from one of three categories of washers.

  • Premium category offers power washers for lightweight jobs around the house. You'll find five models between 1800 and 2200 PSI (pounds per square inch, the measure for water pressure), including the new "Stowaway" model that collapses for convenient storage. Electric and gas powered models are available.
  • Premium Plus division suggests five models for light to medium-duty residential jobs, ranging from 2200 to 2700 PSI.
  • Commercial series for heavy-duty and industrial projects includes four models from 3000 to 3500 PSI.

Coleman Powermate Pressure Washer

Company History

In 1900, W.C. Coleman, a typewriter salesman working his way through law school, was intrigued by the lamp he saw in an Alabama drugstore. With the money he'd saved for law school, he bought an inventory of lamps to sell to shopkeepers who wanted to remain open at night - and so the Coleman Company was founded!

The Coleman Company established the Powermate division in 1987. Twelve years later Sunbeam Corporation acquired the Coleman Company and Coleman Powermate - with both subsidiaries continuing to operate as separate business units. Coleman Powermate expanded its power equipment presence by introducing a line of pressure washers in 2001.


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