Pressure Washer Comparison ... Power Ratings In Gas Electric Water Pressure Washers

Any pressure washer comparison focuses on power-for-the-job. A car pressure washer calls for 1000 psi, an industrial shop needs a 4000 psi pressure washer or more.

Doing The Numbers - Pressure Washer Comparison. Look at your job ... figure how often you'll need your power washer, daily - weekly-monthly, then select the pressure washer equipment that fits.

  • Cold Water Pressure Washers. For cleaning surfaces, where you're not fighting oil, solvents or chemical and rust staining, any number of cold water pressure washers will work. Advantages over hot water pressure washers? Quiet running, lighter weight ease of operation, lower running cost, generally less costly. From under 1000 psi power to over 3000 psi pressure washer models. Leading brands include Black & Decker pressure washers, Karcher, NorthStar and others.

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  • Heated Pressure Washer. OK ... cold water is great for wool, great for dirt and surface "goo" ... but you'll need a hot water pressure washer to beat oil, solvent, animal waste, heavy tar build-ups. Why? Heated pressure washer water combines with the cleaning solvent to attack the surface, breaking it down, and whooshing it away. Some cold water pressure washers also "accept" a hot water box attachment so that you can heat your water.
  • Electric, Gas or Diesel Pressure Washers. No-worries easy-start electric pressure washer designs make easy work of car, truck, sidewalk and exterior house siding cleaning. For more power, long life, frequent use you'll need a step-up to a gasoline pressure washer, or a diesel pressure washer.
  • Power Needs For Easy Jobs. PSI (pounds per square inch) tell the power washer story best. Go up to a 1300 psi pressure washer for cold water light-duty power cleaning for your car, truck, sidewalks, house siding.

Pressure Washer Comparison

  • Top End Home Pressure Washers. If you'll be using your cold water pressure washer weekly, or monthly ... and if you might need to truly scrub down tough organic stuff like mildew or algae from your boat or even remove surface paint, then your power needs will likely max out with a 2600 psi pressure washer .
  • Commercial Pressure Washers For Heavy Jobs Heavy Use. Big jobs ... daily use ... ratchet you up into the gasoline pressure washer class, offering up to 2000 hours or more use per year. Performance engines and performance pressure washer pumps are they to intensively used industrial pressure washers. Many of the top commercial pressure washers offer power outputs in the 2000 psi to over the 4000 psi pressure washer range.




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