Dewalt Pressure Washer ... Big Job Power Washer Strength

Dewalt pressure washer engineering delivers work power to siding, concrete, decks, auto and more. Top selling Dewalt 3750 Pressure Washer or Dewalt DP 2800 Pressure Washer top the Dewalt performance line.

Dewalt For Commercial Pressure Washer Powered Performance. Quality construction. Hard-working hard-wearing materials. Performance engines pumps and nozzles. Back-up accessories and strong manufacturer warranty sums the Dewalt commitment. Here are some "bottom line" things-to-know about the Dewalt power washer line-up:-

  • Dewalt 3750 Pressure Washer. The Dewalt 3750 psi gas pressure washer delivers cleaning power at 4 gallons / minute and at a brick-cleaning 3750 psi. The Dewalt 3750 psi gas pressure washer with 13 hp Honda engine sports an overhead valve design engineered into a rugged tube frame. The Dwalt power washer wand offers a wide range of set work-angles ... 0,15, 25, and 40-degree settings. Mobility? Over-sized 12-inch wheels on the Dewalt 3750 pressure washer mean that you can easily roll it into the most challenging job site. Quick-fit nozzles plus a 3/8" X 50-foot pressure washer hose complete the Dewalt 3750 set-up.

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  • Dewalt DP 2800 Pressure Washer. The Dewalt 2800 pressure washer pushes out house/fence/driveway/job site cleaning power at 3 gallons per minute and up to 2800 psi. The Dewalt 2800 pressure washer with 6.5hp Honda gives portable pressure washer performance, riding atop 12 inch traction tires. The Dewalt 2800 pressure washer is designed user-friendly with quick connect 3/8" X 50' hose-and-nozzle set-up. Overheating is system regulated with thermal shut offs along with gauges and low oil shut off to protect your investment.
  • Dewalt 3100 Pressure Washer. A power-step down from the Dewalt 3750, the Dewalt 3100 pressure washer out-puts at commercial power washer levels, however the flow-rate is closer to 2.8 gallons per minute due to the 6.5 hp Honda engine. But ... you get solid tube frame construction, stainless steel Dewalt pressure washer wand, 3/8" spray hose, quick-connect power washer nozzles, plus all the Dewalt back-up pressure washer accessories and back-up customer service.

Dewalt Pressure Washer

  • Dewalt Pressure Washer Accessories. Replacement Dewalt stainless steel pressure washer wands, pressure washer hose replacements, pressure washer oil, pressure washer nozzles (including rotary power washer nozzle) in a wide range of fittings, Dewalt spray guns and more.




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