Diesel Pressure Washer ... Performance Portable Pressure Washer

Diesel pressure washers deliver long life performance for heavy-use home or commercial pressure washer needs.

Advantages Of A Diesel Pressure Washer . Design features you need to look for in top-performing diesel pressure washers include:-

  • Electronic Start Assist. Different brands of diesel pressure washer answer the "quick start" need differently. Electronic start assist units describe one group ... electric battery assist starts describe another design solution. Engine format...2 cylinder versus 4 cylinder ... engine size, number of valves ... all create design impacts for starting.

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  • Light Weight - Portable Pressure Washer Segment. No electrical chords to tangle or come undone, the long life diesel pressure washers will weigh-in around 125 pounds for models delivering up to 1500 psi pressure washer power outputs ... and around 160 pounds for diesel pressure washer models out-putting at the 3000 psi pressure washer range. Over-sized pneumatic tires make any job site a cinch to reach.
  • Safety Operating Features. Brands and engineering differ however look to your diesel pressure washer that protects your engine via a low oil indicator, as well as thermal overload relay or cut-out switches when you're handling long jobs at high temps.

Diesel Pressure Washer

  • Diesel Portable Power Washer Versus Stationary Power Washers. To-and-from lightweight job needs invariably point to mobile pressure washers, sporting out-sized tires and easy-to-move balanced weight. For job sites, especially industrial locations where the same areas will be cleaned repeatedly, then a stationary on-the-floor heavy powered diesel pressure washer is the solution. Powered up to the stationary diesel pressure washer, you'll get typically double the psi and double the gallons per minute with a likely doubling of horsepower or more to over 20 hp plus pressure adjust regulators. Trucks, oil, solvents, tar, stains, pipes, or any industrial workplace that needs constant cleaning will get the job done faster, with long life reliability from a diesel pressure washer.


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