Excell Pressure Washers ... Ex-Cell 2500, Excell 2600 Pressure Washer

Excell pressure washer designs features Honda gas pressure washer performance for home, car, and heavy duty commercial power washing.

Guide To Top Performing Excell Pressure Washers. You’re looking for controlled water-power for cleaning decks, sidewalks, patio, fencing, car and trucks, house siding. Solution? Light weight, small footprint, performance engineered Excell pressure washer models including:-

  • Excell 2500 Pressure Washer. Powered by category-leading 5.5 hp Honda engine, the Excell 2500 Pressure Washer, Model VR2522, features reliable long life low maintenance Ex cell pressure washer pump engineering with a top-end pump out-put pressure of 2500 psi ... 2.2 gallons per minute means you’ll deliver water power where you need it. Portability is guaranteed for the Excell 2500 Pressure Washer, sporting 8 inch pneumatic wheels supporting the small footprint frame. Standard issue ¼ inch X 25 foot pressure washer hose offer quick-connect to the Devilbiss Excell pressure washer wand, variably adjustable from 0 - 40 degrees including input lines for pressure washer detergent.

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  • Excell 2600 Pressure Washer. Get power washer performance from the Excell 2600 Pressure Washer, Model XC2600. Adjustable Excell pressure washer wand gives you 0-15-40 degree spray angle choices plus direct mix with job-formulated pressure washer soap to increase cleaning performance. The Excell 2600 Pressure Washer generates commercial-grade power washer performance ... a flow-rate of 2.5 gallons per minute and maximum pump pressure of 2600 psi generated by the Honda 5.0 hp engine. You get a quick connect 5/16 inch X 25 foot Excell pressure washer hose and multi-angle stainless steel spray wand.
  • Commercial Pressure Washer - High Duty. Recently introduced Ex cell 2800 Pressure Washer, Model XC2800, moves performance into the professional heavy duty category. 2.6 gallons per minute flow rate combines with the Devilbiss Excell pressure washer pump engineered to deliver up to 2800 psi in high-impact water cleaning power.

Excell Pressure Washer

Excell Pressure Washer Parts. Devilbiss Excell back-up all their performance models with replacement parts including the Excell pressure washer pump ... pressure washer extension wand ... replacement pressure washer hose ... Excell pressure washer manual for diagnosis and system repairs.

Excell Pressure Washer Accessories. The Excell hose quick connect kit ... or the 25 foot pressure washer hose lengths geared specifically to each model ... Excell wands ... Excell rotary wands and rotary brushes all contribute to improved job-specific cleaning performance.


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