Gas Powered Pressure Washers ... Home And Commercial Power Washing

Gas pressure washers offer wide performance power options, portability, proven engine and pressure washer pump designs for rugged use long life.

Key To Gasoline Pressure Washer Performance. For around-the-home or commercial job site, you’ll see more people choose a gas power pressure washer. Here’s why:-

Wider Power Range Options With Gas Powered Pressure Washers. From 1000 psi to over 5000 psi ... and with flow-rates or outputs of 3.5 gallons or more, the class of gas pressure washers gives home owners of commercial guys the exact power and set-up needed for any power washing job. Low pump pressures for car and truck or house siding ... higher pressures for degreasing or cleaning bricks and industrial equipment or job sites. At the top end of commercially rated gasoline pressure washers, ultra heavy duty designs push over 5 gallons per minute and can feed two workers at the same time.

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  • Portability With Gas Power Pressure Washer. Getting more power and performance means heavier frame construction and more weight. No problem since all leading models are engineered-balanced along with sporting over-sized pneumatic tires from 8 inches to over 12 inches. You’ll reach any job-clean area with ease, even if your unit weighs over 100 pounds.
  • Performance Overhead Valve Engines. Proven engine design by name brand manufacturers or marrying in-house engineering with leading engine produces like Briggs & Stratton or the Honda gas pressure washer engine line-up guarantee every-day performance, easy starts, low maintenance, and long life.
  • Wide Range Of Gas Pressure Washer Parts And Accessories. Besides maintenance products like pressure washer oil, all leading gas pressure washer brands offer extension wands to reach difficult job spots ... multi-angle nozzles ... pressure washer soap in-lines for direct mix ... system-specific pressure washer hose lengths of up to 50 feet ... replacement pumps, nozzles, start assemblies including electric-assist power start units.

Gas Pressure Washer

  • Safety Factor. Gasoline pressure washers must be handled carefully, since high water pressures are being generated. By contrast, electric pressure washers where ground fault circuit interrupt plugs de-limit the first line of risk, yet electric shock remains a system risk, especially when the real-world need for extension cords occurs. Other safety design elements include automatic low-oil shut off, and thermal cut-outs for over-heating.

Major Brands Gas Powered Pressure Washers. Honda gas pressure washers , Troy Built, Husky, Karcher gas pressure washer, Excell, Dewalt, Campbell Hausfeld, and others.





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