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Generac pressure washers offer home-to-commercial grade power washer performance, portability, options for powering 1900 psi to 3500 psi cleaning power.

Light-To-Medium Use Generac Pressure Washers. The engineering and design pros at Generac give home owners durable performance power washer designs, perfect for car, house siding and removing mold and mildew and loose paint, driveway, deck and fencing. Three popular Generac pressure washers to look at for the non-professional includes:-

  • Residential Generac Pressure Washer 1900 psi Model #1694. A gasoline pressure washer based on a Briggs & Stratton engine and light weight at 43 lbs. for easy portability, the Generac 1900 psi pressure washer Model #1694 reflects engineering focused on perhaps weekly use levels, creating water pressure washer power rated at 1900 psi, with a flow-rate of 2 gallons per minute. The Generac adjustable spray nozzle quick connects to the stainless steel wand, further connected to the standard issue 25-foot pressure washer hose length. A separate pressure washer detergent injection system allows for enhanced water cleaning power, along with thermal overload protections.

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  • Residential Generac Pressure Washer 1950 psi Model #20214. Similar to the Generac Model 1900 psi, the Generac 1950 adds the turbo nozzle and a power increase based on the 3.75hp Briggs & Stratton gas engine.
  • Top Of The Residential Line: Generac Pressure Washer 2400 psi Model #1450. Crème de la crème of the residential model line, the Generac Model #1450 is a gas 2400 psi pressure washer offering 3 high pressure spray tips and 1 low pressure tip ... a Honda 5hp engine generating 2400 psi and 2.2 gallons per minute ... on-the-floor weight of 87 lbs. with 10 inch pneumatic tires for portability ... a turbo nozzle producing a circular water stream for increased cleaning effectiveness.

Generac Pressure Washer

Commercial Pressure Washer Models By Generac. Commercial pressure washer performance is optioned between three Generac power washers. Generac 3000 psi Model #1418 ... Generac 3000 psi Model #1539 ... Generac 3500 psi Model #1540. Design features include performance Honda engines ... low oil auto shut-offs ... power outputs to 3500 psi ... variable pressure nozzle control ... 50 feet of job-reaching pressure washer hose ... multiple high pressure tips for 0-15-25-40 degree work angles ... thermal overload cut-outs ... over-size 10 inch pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering ... weights up to 160 lbs.

Generac Pressure Washer Parts. In addition to specially formulated pressure washer soap and detergent designed for decks, car, house siding or degreasing, customers can easily source Generac pressure washer pump replacements ... Generac pressure washer hose ... O-rings ... pressure washer wand, and more either from local Generac dealers or authorized online sellers.



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