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Home pressure washers beat simple garden hose washing, offering 1000 psi + work-focused water and detergent, electric cold water pressure washer performance.

Getting The Right Best Home Pressure Washer. House siding ... cars and trucks ... bikes ... sidewalks, decks and patios. So many light duty cleaning jobs perfect for the latest breed of performance home pressure washers.

Here's what to look for:-

  • Balanced Power - Not Overkill. Avoid commercial power washer models, which throw-out 2000 psi to 4000 psi water pressure, sufficient to strip paint or strip brick surfaces but over-the-top for regular homeowner cleaning needs. Target models in the 1000 psi to 1750 psi pressure washer range, with the ideal target model a 1300 psi pressure washer .

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  • Select Electric Power Washers For Ease & Convenience. Quick-start 1500 psi electric pressure washer is the target range. Light weight, quieter than gasoline pressure washers, no pollutants easy to store safely inside, electric pressure washers especially in the 15 amp to 22 amp power zone give you all the cleaning power and convenience you'll need. Leading brands include Karcher pressure washers, Husky pressure washers and others.
  • Pump Designs Determine Power Washer Performance. You'll find electric based home pressure washer designs based on an induction electric motor platform, which runs quieter and more reliably than cheaper universal motors. Look for a pump design with ceramic plungers which guarantee long running life without performance tailing due to water-borne minerals or contaminants.

Home Pressure Washer

  • Advantages Of Gasoline Pressure Washers. Gas tanks, more weight, more maintenance and even the running pollutants of gas power washers are still out-balanced by the advantages of increased power and portability. Plus, unlike a 1750 electric pressure washer where job-reach is dictated by power cords ... and the safety risk of adding ungrounded extension cords ... a gas Troy Bilt or DeWalt pressure washer carries to electrical shock safety risk.


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