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Honda pressure washer engines deliver performance engineering design for light weight, portability, low noise power washing.

Getting Pressure Washer Honda Engine Work Performance. Any designed pressure washer with Honda engine will deliver a high standard of performance ... light use big job home-residential to commercial power washing standards.

Honda pressure washer engines offer trademark easy start, fuel efficiency, plus scaled Honda engine power options ... 5hp to 20hp ... to match any home or commercial power washing job. Amongst the many Honda engines matched to power washing, here are some leading models to look for:- .

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  • Major Brands Using Honda Pressure Washer Engines. Unique engineering solutions married to Honda pressure washer engines are offered by leading brands including Porter Cable (Porter Cable Model PCH 2425 ), Karcher (2600 psi, 2700 psi, 3600 psi Karcher models featuring Honda engines), Dewalt ( Dewalt 3750 psi gas pressure washer with 13 hp Honda engine ), Generac ( Generac Pressure Washer 2400 psi Model #1450 ), Coleman Powermate and others .
  • Honda 5hp Pressure Washer. The horizontal shaft Honda 5hp pressure washer engine GC160 is based on an air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder engine, providing easy starts, power levels perfect for the most challenging home power washing job ... from mold and mildew on house siding and fencing to patio, driveway, car and truck cleaning. An ideal power unit for reliable, lightweight power washing.
  • 13 HP Honda Pressure Washer. The overhead valve 13 hp Honda pressure engine establishes the power platform for heavy duty commercial pressure washer designs such as the Dewalt DP 3750 gas pressure washer. The 13 hp Honda pressure washer engine GX series is designed with a low oil pressure-auto shut down, low noise out-put and rugged long life performance for heavy duty professional power washing needs.

Honda Pressure Washer

Honda Pressure Washer Parts. Besides the robust line of performance engines, a Honda pressure washer pump such as the Honda GCV 160 pump takes power washing to a new level of time-saving efficiency. Look also at Honda pressure washer parts including pressure wash hoses matched to Honda pumps and engines.

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