Hotsy Pressure Washer Pump Carries Longest Warranty

For more than 30 years Hotsy has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their cleaning problems with its versatile and rugged collection of hot and cold-water pressure washers.

The Hotsy name isn't just "cutesy!" It stems from "hot systems" when the company was founded to promote a line of steam cleaners. With its trademark red logo, Hotsy became one of the most recognized brands in the red-hot high-pressure cleaning industry.

One of the few, and certainly the first to offer a seven-year warranty on its high-pressure pumps, for years Hotsy has boasted North America's largest network of trained service centers. Today the company has U.S. manufacturing plants in Washington, Colorado, Iowa and Michigan, and even a factory in Italy.

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Over the past three decades, Hotsy has created almost a hundred models of hot-water pressure washers engineered with the company's trademark upright burner and coil for maximum heat transfer; the Hotsy pump, the only pump of its kind with a 7-year warranty; and an extensive selection of detergents designed specifically to help pressure washers clean faster and better.

Hotsy manufactures both electric and gas-powered washers with flow volumes that range from 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM) to 11 GPM.

Pressure Washer

Hotsy offers:

  • Product liability insurance and will provide a Certificate of Proof upon written request.
  • Financing programs that are available to qualified buyers.
  • Sales and Service Centers that stock thousands of dollars worth of Hotsy parts, ready for immediate service.

Visit Hotsy's comprehensive website for specific product information, cleaning tips and pressure washing guidelines.


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