Commercial Pressure Washer ... Heavy Duty All Year Performance Guide

Top commercial pressure washer designs offer thousands of hours of performance power washing, 2500 psi or greater power, performance pressure washer pumps and engines plus solid frame construction.

What Makes The Top Industrial Pressure Washer? Heavy duty day-in-day-out use ... degreasing work sites, industrial jobs sites and machines, construction and agriculture ... with one or even two operators working the water pressure washer simultaneously. Candidates for the professional class of commercial pressure washer look for the following engineering and performance standards in an industrial power washer:-

  • Water Flow And Pump Pressure Ratings. Guys doing thousands of hours annually with a water pressure washer need a minimum of 2500 psi to over 5000 psi in maximum pump pressure values in order to deal with the heaviest of cleaning jobs. Another measure of work-efficiency is flow rate, where the top industrial pressure washers offer water flow rates of 2.5 to over 8 gallons per minute.

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  • Pump Designs. For professional grade pressure washer pumps like a Cat pressure pump, you’ll need quality components, such as forged brass pump heads and stainless steel valves. Triplex ceramic plungers along with a pressure washer unloader valve to regulate system pressure are critical to performance, and long life. Positive displacement reciprocating plunger/piston-type pumps are the most reliable heavy-duty performance pressure washer pump.

Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Engines For Industrial Pressure Washers. Engine design specialists like Briggs & Stratton or Honda supply many of the leading engines married to commercial pressure washers. For example, t he Dewalt 3750 psi gas pressure washer with 13 hp Honda engine sports an overhead valve design engineered into a rugged tube frame. You’ll need a 13 hp to 18 hp or more engine to drive an industrial pressure washer.
  • Frame Construction. Many engineering solutions are offered for commercial pressure washer designs in order to resist corrosion such as the use of stainless steel, along with solid tube frames used for portable pressure washers, trailer mounted pressure washers and even top-end stationary pressure washers.
  • Oversized Pneumatic Tires. With on-the-ground weights of 200 – 1200 pounds, industrial pressure washer set-ups either rely upon over sized puncture-free tires ... 12 in. or more ... or trailer mounted pressure washers that you drive into location, complete with tanks, pressure water detergent, hose reels, extra wands, rotary brushes and more.
  • 50- 200 Feet of Pressure Washer Hose Plus Stainless Steel Wand. In addition to on-board pressure washer hose reel, you’ll need high quality performance 3/8 in. hose in 50 – 200 foot lengths, plus extension wands, rotary brushes, and quick connect nozzles offering 0-15-25-40 degree spray options.
  • Pressure Washer Unloader Valve. In addition to thermal overload protection, low oil cut-outs, you’ll need a power washer with a pressure washer unloader valve to “bleed” the system. Similarly, your daily use requires bleeding off pump pressure after each use, plus purging the detergent lines to minimize clogging or internal corrosion.
  • Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer. Commercial grade trailer mounted pressure washers are all about cleaning power performance, reliability, durability over many years plus quick-connect options for either cold or hot water power cleaning. Look for a trailer mounted pressure washer with optional cold or hot nozzle hook-up, along with electric start. Heated water pressure washers will build water temps to around 210-degrees F ... but will have thermal overheat cut-out switches.

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