Kew Pressure Washers ... Portable, Cold & Hot Water, Electric, Gas, Diesel

Performance Kew pressure washers offer quick effective water power washer cleaning to cars, house siding, fencing, degreasing, bricks, concrete, sidewalks and more.

High Tech Work-Focused Kew Pressure Washers. Kew engineering and design simplifies and speeds-up power cleaning. Look over the portable, cold water, hot water, all electric, gas, diesel as well as commercial grade stationary pressure washer designs created by Kew:-

Cold Water Pressure Washer Line-Up By Kew. Portable and light weight ... electric ... cold water pressure washer working power is handled by the Kew Poseiden line, Series #2, #3, #5 and #7.

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  • Low Intensity Cold Water Cleaning. Shorten cleaning time around the home with the reliable Kew pressure washer Series #2 and #3. Powered by 15 amp or 20 amp electric motors, these Kew pressure washers out-put between 1100 psi to 2200 psi. Easy-on start and stops. Stainless steel pressure washer wand for long wear anti-corrosion. Separate pressure washer detergent intake lines for cleaning enhancement. Weight ranges from 54 lbs. to 76 lbs.
  • High Intensity Cold Water Power Washing By Kew. The top of the Kew cold water pressure washer line is handled by the professional grade commercial pressure washer Poseiden Series #7 ... power washer out-puts to 2750 psi ... quick-connect nozzles to the Kew 50-foot pressure washer hose ... up to 8.8. hp engine supporting best-in-class pump with long life ceramic pistons.

Kew Pressure Washer

Hot Water Kew Pressure Washer Lines

  • Eco Friendly Fuel Efficient Kew Hot Water Pressure Washers. The Kew Neptune series adds high tech safety controls and fuel efficient design to the key Neptune Series. LED-assist controls indicate operating system status ... oil, thermal overload, fuel. The Kew hot water pressure washer Neptune Series #3 give portable category entry-level reliable performance. Series #3 power out-puts range from pump pressures of 1000 psi to 2000 psi. The Neptune Series boiler design thermal regulates water to a safe constant 176-degrees. Neptune Series 3 power options range from 1.5 hp to 4.0 hp engines, with on-the-ground-weight to 275 lbs.
  • Top-Of-Line Neptune 8 Hot Water Pressure Washer. Commercial truck and auto fleets along with many industrial machine work places are perfect environments for the fuel-efficient powerful Kew Neptune 8 hot water pressure washer. Reinforced pump head design plus ceramic pistons while generating a work-water flow-rate of 8.5 gallons per minute and power washer pump pressure to 2600 psi, the Kew Neptune 8 can support two workers at the same time. Noise? A quiet 80 decibels generated by this 507 lb. work horse.

Kew Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories. Besides category-leading pump designs, and engineering design focus on low impact energy efficient models, Kew gives you all the pressure washer parts and accessories you’ll need. Hoses, hose reels, pump repairs, lances, and more.



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