Landa Pressure Washer - Leader in Industrial Pressure Washers

Since 1969, Landa Water Cleaning Systems has been leading the way in the manufacture of industrial-strength pressure washers, providing more than 300 high quality hot-water and cold-water models.

Landa was the first manufacturer to certify its entire line of pressure washers to the nationally recognized UL-1776 pressure washer safety standards and in 1997 it became one of the first in the pressure washer industry to become certified to the internationally recognized ISO-9001 quality standards.

At the forefront of Landa's industrial pressure washer collection is the MHP series, comprised of four gas-powered models heated by oil / diesel fuel. Powered by 11, 13 or 20 HP Honda or 16 HP Vanguard engines, models in the MHP series pack cleaning power with 3000 to 3500 PSI of pressure.

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Let Landa lead you to a decision!

If you are in the market for an industrial strength pressure washer - you first need to make a decision on whether you want hot or cold.

Pressure washers come in two major categories:

Cold water, for blasting dirt or debris, stripping paint, and washing most surfaces.

  • These styles are lighter weight and usually less expensive than hot-water counterparts, since they don't need a heater and other components to heat the water.

Hot water, for even more effective cleaning of dirt along with grease and grime.

  • Styles in hot water cleaning are heavier than cold-water washers, and more expensive - however, their ability to clean a wide range of substances from surfaces may compensate for that.

Once you've made your water choice, decide on what type of power you want:

Industrial Pressure Washer

Electric-powered pressure washers are:

  • Quieter than gas-powered, and can be stored indoors since there are no fumes to worry about; but you need to be near a power source, which can limit long-range portability. Generally, electric units offer less cleaning power, so if its industrial strength you need, look to a gas-powered machine.

Gasoline- or diesel-powered washers are:

  • Self-contained and portable so they can be used in the field (no electric cords to hassle with); all you need is water (and fuel!). Gas engines can offer higher water pressure, which combined with the water flow, can result in better cleaning ability.

There are certainly other factors to consider when purchasing a Landa pressure washer, but once you get those basic decisions made, you're a lot closer to finding just the right piece of equipment for your needs.

Visit the Landa website for additional information on products, instruction manuals, parts and service. While browsing the site, visit the section on becoming a Landa dealer ... you might find your next career while perusing pressure washers!



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