MI TM Pressure Washers ... Cold Water And Hot Water Pressure Washers

Mi-T-M pressure washers offer cold water, heater water power washing solutions for car, house, fencing, driveway, bricks, construction, oil, mining, agriculture and more.

Guide For MI TM Pressure Washer Performance. Degreasing a drive ... power washing house siding or a deck ... getting professional grade power washing for heavy duty daily cleaning on a construction site, mine, or industrial plant. MI TM pressure washer engineering offers outdoor-indoor models, electric, gas, diesel in all major power segments, with customer support and industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty for MI TM reliability. Look over the major line-ups, plus contact MI TM directly for technical support:-

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  • MI TM Cold Water Pressure Washers. The MI TM CBA line-up of gasoline cold water pressure washers is designed to be light weight ... 131 to 167 pounds ... yet powerful enough to handle industrial heavy duty cleaning with power choices ranging froom 3000 psi to 4000 psi. Powered by performance Honda or Subaru engines, the MI TM cold water pressure washers provide multi-angle nozzles 0-15-25-40 degree options to reach any surface area ... thermal over load and low oil cut-outs ... over sized pneumatic tires for easy rolling ... 3/8 in. X 50-feet pressure washer hose with quick connect fittings ... a 3-4 foot lance ... topped by a 7 year MI TM pump warranty.
  • Indoor Electric Pressure Washers By MI TM. The JP Series MI TM electric pressure washers are non-toxic non-polluting indoor safe power washing tools. 8 JP Series models offer the gamut in variable-power job options ... from 1.5 hp electric motors generating 1000 psi at 2 gallons per minute flow rate to heavy duty 8 hp models creating maximum pump pressures of 3000 psi and a flow-rate of 3.9 gallons per minute. Thermal cut offs on the fan-cooled motor, ground fault intercept safety, no exhaust fumes safe indoors, multi-angle spray nozzle 0-15-25 degree options, 35-foot power cord, quick connect 3/8in. X 25-foot pressure washer hose, 3-foot lance.

Mi-T-M Pressure Washer

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Pressure Washers For Commercial Apps. MI TM pressure washers utilizing a diesel platform include the belt drive MI TM CW Series. The smaller CW Series model, at 245 pounds floor weight, throws out 3000 psi and 3.5 gallons per minute flow rate based on the 9hp Yanmar engine. The step up, to CW Series CW-6106 tips the scales at 1010 pounds, generates 6100 psi and 6.9 gallons per minute flow rate off the 37.5 hp Kuboto engine, with battery start. You get the MI TM belt drive triplex ceramic pump, recognized for its hard-working durability and long life, quick connect nozzle choices in 0-15-25-40 degree, full length pressure washer hose with hose wrap and gun mount, plus the MI TM 7 year pump warranty.


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